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Joe Spallone

Videographer and Editor


When Joe was in highschool he picked up a video camera, and he hasn't put it down since!   Joe graduated from The Art Institute of Philadelphia with a degree in Industrial Design, Art, and Multi-Media. Since 1995 he has honed his skills in both digital filming and editing to be one of the most recommended videographers in the Bucks County Region. 

With his innovative methods, impassioned style and exuberance for his work, he has received deep gratitude from a wide range of delighted clients – clients who treasure the memories he captures so eloquently on film. 


Sherah Cooney

​Owner and Creative Director


My Mother, my rock, passed in April 2014 from a difficult one year battle to stage four lung cancer. And you can probably tell through this picture how important she was and still is to me. This picture was taken at a cemetery tour we took together to learn stories about important families in the local area that made a difference.


It was from her illness to passing that I have learned what the next chapter of my life is supposed to be. The next chapter of my life story is about Preserve Stories, a business that is centered around the practice of soliciting and recording spoken stories--stories that sometimes amount to richly detailed and emotional accounts of individual lives, referred to as Oral History. Yes, with a video camera, spoken stories, and personalized music, present and past photographs, and our super-power video editor, Preserve Stories will turn any life story into a family legacy.

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