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Preseve Stories 

Here's what some of of customers had to say:



"Preserve Stories took the random digital pics and short videos that I took of my daughter and turned them into a real, professional story of her first year of life! From her birth to her first birthday, it’s amazing to watch her grow up in a matter of minutes. The music and quality are so great, it makes me cry watching it! Love, love, LOVE!"!

- J. Leggette 



"It is a wonderful keepsake and I am so happy to have these memories for my family.  You guys did a terrific job pulling together all the footage and I appreciate you being so patient during the interview with my parents.  I believe the video captures the essence of their life...all of the important pieces of their time together and the legacy that they leave for their grandchildren.  I especially like the way you have woven in the grandchildren's comments to the video.  The ending of the video is excellent. Thank you again for all of your work. Preserve Stories is an excellent business venture. There is certainly a need for preserving the stories of loved ones and I am so grateful that you have given my family this gift of forever memories !"

- MaryAnn


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